Wordless Wednesday

Put the camera down and throw the ball!!

Angel Eyes

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  1. I wish Fred was ball crazy… it would be so nice to play fetch with him!

  2. Daisy is beautiful! I so enjoy fostering for ABTCR. Right now, I also have Hoss and Sadie, who do NOT need to be adopted together. Hoss is a gorgeous deep red colored Redbone who wants to go, go; Sadie is a black and tan (Justus is now taller than she!) who prefers the house and couch, thank you. I love their ears, too. Long, soft, velvety – great floppy ears on Daisy. Bella's Thanksgiving was oh, so strenuous! HA. Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me find your blog :). And you have the snow! Me, too, on my wordpress blog, Blessed Silence @ Silverwalk. So glad it was offered.

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