Daisy's Joy

Daisy turns 4, or so we think, in a few months. But when people meet her they surprised -they always guess younger.  She loves to play and gets the zoomies pretty much every day.  She also likes to play with her toys. Sometimes, she just goes to her toy box, picks a toy, an makes up some game all by herself. She has ‘age is just a number’ down pat!

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  1. I love watching zoomies – esp from my older dogs. The videos had me smiling :).

  2. I love how she checks to make sure you're still watching her show off! Hee hee! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  3. Wheeeeeeeeee! Go Daisy Go! You look like you are soooooo HAPPY! 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  4. that is one happy Daisy. she does look very playful for almost 4. georgia's already slowing down. i might add…thank god!

  5. OOOOHHH! I would so LOVE to zoom with you! I pretty much go crazy like that ALL the time! lol

    Happy woofs & hugs,


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