Wordless Wednesday

Do you know why Daisy is staring?

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  1. Such a sweetie! She looks as if she was awakened from a nap by a hungry belly. : )

  2. It's gotta be steak. Either that or her favourite toy. She looks very intent on making sure it doesn't disappear!

  3. My guess is food – whenever Gus has that intense look on his face, it’s because he’s waiting for us to feed him a treat. 🙂

    Whatever she’s staring at/waiting for, she’s sitting so nicely for it!!

  4. Food. Being prepared. Very polite but a wee rebellious – note the nails of one paw on the kitchen floor, off the carpet. Eyes extremely focused. Body faux-relaxed.

  5. Does it have anything to do with steak? She looks beautiful and intense!

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