Treein' Squirrels

Daisy loves being able to bay up a tree. I don’t know anything she likes more, except maybe dinner time.

In other news, the girls are settling into life here pretty well. Bella has a lot of anxiety outside the house. Which is weird because it is mostly nature sounds rather than cars and stuff in the city. I hope she gets better. She’s lost some weight because she is skipping meals frequently again.  Daisy think she’s owns the place. She likes being outside in the evening sniffing around. Fleas and ticks have hit us here for the first time ever. So, I went and ordered Preventic collars and started Comfortis.  Guess its a hazard of living in the woods with lots of wildlife.

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  1. Bunny gave two squirrels the scare of their lives this weekend at the dog park! She will beeline for those trees next time, I'm sure.

    I'm betting the girls think the trade off for life in the country is worth it!

  2. Fun squirrel chasing! Yay!
    Bummer about the bugs. Nasty buggers!

    Waggin at ya,

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