Jump for Joy!

….or for squirrels-whatever works for you.  Yes, Daisy starts and finishes this video jumping up the tree.


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  1. Wonderful video though I had to mute it to prevent full blown hysteria here – LOL. So nice to see a Coonie doing what a Coonie does best :).

  2. What a great bay you have Daisy! Dawg would I be jumping that tree with you?!!! Gotta luv those SQ's!

    Waggin at ya,

  3. The squirrels in my neighborhood like digging up the seeds in my vegetable garden. Would Daisy like to visit for a week and show them who's boss?

    I don't think they're scared of Honey. She doesn't have a supersonic bay to put the fear of dog into a squirrel.

  4. Oh my word…what a great bay! Love it : ) I had turn the volume down as it had Miss Stella barking trying to find this fellow pup. She could not figure out where it was coming from!

  5. Hey B&D! You have a beautiful bay! Gunner does this too, but his sounds more like an ear-splitting chop! 🙂

  6. This is exactly what I do (Sydney, a Treeing Walker Coonhound). I love to chase vermin up the tree!

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