Oh Dear. I have an Issue.

It seems my camera cord did not make the trip with me. I can even say with 99.9% certainty that I remember packing it. Too bad the fact it is still at Grannie and Grandpa’s means that I did not in fact pack it and I am now making up memories.

This means Daisy’s hotel pictures are trapped in my camera for the time being and you’ll just have to wait a bit to see them.

It also means I’ll have to improvise and use Iphone pics for tomorrow. You didn’t forget about tomorrow did you?

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  1. You always forget something, don't you! Even if you do on a holiday something important tends to get left behind. Not that I have holidays any more, lol!

    I was hoping it was 'tomorrow' there by now, it's Saturday here, isn't that good enough?

  2. Awaiting the BIG announcement with bated breath. And re: your iPhone – get thee to your library for the book "the Art of iPhoneography." It is awesome with tips on apps, best way to use your phone for photos, etc. and tons of examples. I gave my camera to Farrah's foster so she can get photos of Farrah at home because I use my iPhone more as a camera than I did my camera!

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