There is a Fungus Among Us!

No, I’m not talking about skin issues thank goodness! It rained here this week and for the first time since I’ve been here, the back yard has all sorts of mushrooms growing!  The toadstool was just HUGE!  Eight or Nine inches high. The little brown ones range from a centimeter to a couple inches wide. They have a traditional shape but look like potato chips scattered on the ground when they blow their spores.  The white ball fungus is literally only a half a centimeter wide. It was just a baby. They grow to an inch or two in diameter, then when you step on them there is a little poof of spores.

When Daisy threw up this week I for a fleeting second was worried she might have partaken of the mushrooms, but it was just her normal run of the mill nausea issues.


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  1. Ok you KNOW I am thrilled!!!

  2. Holly probably would have tried eating it… goofy hound’s taken to eating the fallen apples… in between chasing the squirrels that are EVERYWHERE!
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