Monday Mischief!

We had a busy, mischievous, weekend here in the Coonhound household!

Ok, “busy” might be stretching it a bit, well, and “mischievous”. At least the weather was nice!

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  1. We received your card in the post today. Thank you. Great to meet you and make a new friend. We subscribed so we will be popping by. Your card is on its way. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. LOL – that’s my kind of mischief! Hope you guys didn’t wear yourselves out. 😉
    Leslie recently posted..Black & White Sunday: It doesn’t happen often…My Profile

  3. Such crazy antics from you two BOL! I’m not sure I could keep up with all the excitement!
    Millie recently posted..Black & White Sunday – Nothing Better Than a Good StickMy Profile

  4. Ooooh…that weather DOES look great. We would love some sunshine about now.

    Just stopping over from the blog hop to say hi.

  5. Looks like my kind of mischief. Gracie got her Christmas package today–thank you!! We are going to wait at least til Schatzie gets hers before opening the box. Gracie begs to differ, but she’ll just have to wait. She can hardly wait–she loves presents!!

  6. There’s nothing wrong with a little sun worship! I’m glad your weather was nice enough to enjoy being outside.
    houndstooth4 recently posted..Angry Birds For The HolidaysMy Profile

  7. Hehehe! It takes a lot of mischief to be lazy! LOL! P.S. – We got your Christmas card today! Thanks guys!
    Bassetmomma recently posted..Monday Mischief – We’re Mischief Free!My Profile

  8. Helloooo Bella and Daisy Mae ~ I went to my PO Box and found a card from you to me. WOW! I have never met you and you sent me a card. Hello – nice to meet ya! It looks like you had a very impressive weekend. I about froze my paws off as I was in a parade riding in a horse drawn wagon. I am still working on my cards but don’t worry you are on my list. We are not very efficient in this household.
    Thank you for the card.
    Sweet William The Scot
    Lee recently posted..The GiftMy Profile

  9. I just can’t get over how shiny both of their coats are!!!! Such gorgeous girls.
    Tanya @ Mazzie Takes Manhattan recently posted..11/28 Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  10. Hey, it’s tiring work being a hound.
    Pamela Webster (@S_Wagging) recently posted..10 Ways Dogs Help You Survive WinterMy Profile

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