Christmas with the Coonies!

This year with the girls was so much fun!  Grannie and Grandpa came bearing a TON of gifts! Now, They get excited just having company but when company comes in with bags and boxes (some of them smelling very good) it is all the more reason to get excited.

Our Tree

Daisy takes the approach of “try to open every present at the same time while wiggling your butt back and forth in excitement”. Bella is much more methodical, waiting to be presented with the gift that is hers then smelling it up and down very thoroughly before deciding if she likes it or not.

Daisy checking out all the gifts

The thing is-Daisy is just as happy when you open your own present. She just wants to be a part of things.  The only human gift she tried to steal was Grannie’s praline scented candle (Pralines are a very popular candy here in Savannah). I guess it smelled so good she thought she’d try to eat it! One of her favorite things was a toy in Bella’s bag. A long green squeaking dog thing. If you are on our Facebook page-its the toy she was laying on in a recent picture.

Daisy with her head IN the bag!

Bella did so good this year! The noise of tearing paper and the camera and all the excitement didn’t bother her much at all. She stayed right in the mix the whole time. If you held out something for her to sniff, she’d very gently sniff all over then wag, wag her tail to share in your happiness.

Bella sniffing my present

One of the funniest things was towards the end of the morning. Daisy had been all wound up and excited. She eventually ended up near Grandpa asking for belly rubs-which he happily obliged. He stopped rubbing but she didn’t move-and about 30 second later her head is resting on his shoe and she is just snoring away!! Like a little kid who just collapsed from exhaustion after too much excitement.


The girls came away with some serious swag. New collars, lots of treats, new toys, and a new sweater for Bella. They’ve already been enjoying a lot of it.  We hope your holidays were just as fun!

Yay! New flirt pole!


It’s been a while but we are back in the blog hop!  Good to see y’all again!

Happy New Year!!!

So, let me tell you about Christmas morning with the girls. The grandparents were here to deliver presents and Santa came for Bella and Daisy!

Daisy is like the little kid who wants to help open everyone’s presents. She was so interested in everything and wanted to smell it as you were opening it.  Her tail never stopped wagging, she was just so happy that we were happy and that she got to be included!  When it was her turn to open gifts she was sooo excited!  She dove into the tissue to find a new squeaky toy. I think her favorite new toy is her flirt pole. It has a squeaky squirrel on the end.

Bella was very interested in her boxes. She was also very nervous because grandpa was here and he was holding a camera.  But, she did well and laid and watched all the excitement. She rolled her eyes at Daisy’s exuberance (well, that is what I think I saw).  Once it was her turn she went right over to Grannie who was helping with the gifts. She likes smelling everything as it was opened.  Of course, Daisy wanted to help with Bella’s too.

Both of the girls love their new rhinestone collars and custom bandannas (with their names and everything!).  They both got food toys. Daisy loves hers and I’m helping Bella learn how to play with hers.  They ended their morning snacking on new bully sticks.

Santa came!!!

Pretty new collar!

This smells good!

Grannie! Open it faster! Hurry!

OMG!!!!! It squeaks! Get the paper off!!

Bella likes the squeaky too

Bully sticks for Christmas!

I think I'd rather shiver than wear this.