Raw Meaty Bones

So, I’m sure some readers might be sickened by the thought of today’s post…but hang in here!  I had decided to try and clean the girls’ teeth with some raw meaty bones. The action of gnawing and chewing is supposed to help clean their teeth. I’m pretty sure Bella had a dental with her spay this year but her breath stinks and I wanted to see if this could help. Plus, she already has tartar build up!

So, I got halved frozen pig feet.   They are super cheap which is great too!  I put Bella’s down in her food bowl to give her the idea it was food. I was worried if she’d chew because she can be so picky about eating things like trachea and bully sticks sometimes. Well, I did NOT have to worry about that girl!  She pulled it out of her bowl, onto the towel and ate like a champ!  She didn’t need any encouragement or direction.  She did not want me to take it away either! I let her eat half but took it away just to make sure it didn’t give her diarrhea.  It is the first treat or food she has ever showed enough interest in to try and snatch it from me! No growling or anything and I gave her some Zukes Salmon treats for giving up her foot.

Daisy was a whole different story. I put her out on the balcony because I knew she couldn’t lay in one place like on a towel.  I think she knew it was food but she looked confused. She licked it, and wagged her tail at me, she smelled it, then wagged her tail at me, then licked it a bit more.  She looked very happy…but kinda like “Oh! a  present! Yay!  Um, what do I do with it?”  After a little encouragement she laid down and went to town. She is actually a faster chewer than Bella.