Quick Update!

The girls LOVE the new yard!  Daisy has settled in already and Bella, well… she is Bella and will settle soon enough.  I have a few pictures from Daisy’s first hotel stay I want to share this week.  Of course, moving in and unpacking boxes means I will surely find the camera cord and get my act together soon.

Stay tuned…big announcement coming Saturday you don’t wanna miss!

Enjoying the yard!

I was sitting this morning and started hearing this air huffing. Went to look and was able to catch some of the girls’ early morning wrestling match (I was filming through the door).  It is amazing to think that Bella didn’t even know how to play this time last year. She still isn’t a frequent player-but it is getting more often. I also hope that one day she can tell Daisy when she is done in a nice way. Bella doesn’t bite-but she sounds so mean when she is done and Daisy always looks at her like “But, I thought we were having fun!?!”

We made it!!!

Yes, we are here. New house, new town, new everything!

Daisy came in and made herself right at home in her new backyard. She didn’t mind the movers unloading stuff at all.  Bella tried to climb the fence. Luckily, Grannie was out back with them and stopped her from going over.  Bella seems to be settling down some but it is going to take some time with her.  Daisy acts like she has always lived here and completely satisfied with her new life.

Oh, and I found my camera today. So, as soon as I find the battery charger, I’ll start taking pictures. Here are a couple Grannie took on her phone of Daisy enjoying the new place.

This Yard is Awesome!!

Cant decide whether to nap inside or outside...