Daisy’s Delightful Day

Daisy had a great day hanging out with me this afternoon!  We started off by heading out to Tractor Supply. The closest one to us is about 30 minutes away. I had seen something called rubber horse stall mats. I thought it might be nice to have in the back of the SUV. Even though I have *tried* to cover everything I was thinking a solid surface would be good for cleanup and such. Well, when I saw it in person I did like it, but it was too heavy and would be near impossible for me to cut to size. So, instead, Daisy helped me pick out a new toy that she thought Riley might not destroy in 32 seconds. He seems to not love rope toys…so we bought one! Not loving=lasting longer. Daisy also thoroughly inspected the rest of the pet section, some of the horse supplies, and much of the gardening section. She was highly disappointed that this store didn’t have dog treats for her at the check out desk.


Next, we stopped at Lowes. It was her first trip there ever! Did you know many Lowes have chosen to be dog friendly? Before we could even get in the store some lady had pulled up in her car to talk to us. It still amazes me how many people don’t know about coonhounds! Daisy walked around generally looking a bit bored with the whole thing while I shopped. I might have taken a while carefully reading over the qualities of different grass seed. My yard has such differences in sun vs shade that one seed isn’t enough for winter preparation. Since many people don’t know Lowes is dog friendly, the other customers were pretty surprised to see a big dog walking around.

The final joy for Daisy was a treat she almost never ever gets…human food! I bought and let her have about half of a Wendy’s Frosty. I had stopped in a park down the road from me to share it with her and the squirrels were going nuts so we also had some spontaneous squirrel hunting time. She came home very happy and tired from her afternoon out with me!

Everyone, Meet Riley Beau!

So…yes, if you read my tags-I am now a foster mom to another coonhound! I wasn’t going to foster right now. Life is a mess crazy chaos interesting until October, but who could say no to this sweet boy?  I’m fostering for the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue, which is where I adopted Daisy.

So, a little about Riley. He is almost 9 years old and was owned by the same woman his whole life. She adopted him as a puppy from a rural shelter but passed away recently. Riley is NO fan of cats so the lady’s surviving family wasn’t able to keep him. I figured an older dog who has already lived in a house would probably be ok with my busy work schedule right now, and I was right-Riley is doing great.

Riley is a very sweet, and very spoiled guy. It is obvious he was very loved by his former owner and I think he pretty much got what he wanted when he wanted it. We are working on him learning to wait on things (he has a tendency to demand bay if I take too long for his liking). He has pretty good house manners overall although he will counter surf if given the opportunity. The only thing he loves to destroy is his toys, oh yeah, and Daisy’s toys too. LOL  He loves a kong even if it’s stuffed with just plain kibble and will play and chew on an empty one.

Riley gets along with other dogs. I was so worried about he and Bella would get along but it’s mostly pretty good. She was super bitchy the first few days, raising her lip and growling if he came within 3 feet of her. Riley gave her the time she needed and didn’t push too hard to be her friend and now they get along just fine! Daisy has taught him that there doesn’t have to be a squirrel in the tree in order for you to bay at it. They run out together and check on the trees and make sure the back yard doesn’t have any furry intruders. Riley LOVES kids! He will start “playing” by asking for a belly rub but if you want, it can end up in a good wrestling match.

Although its obvious Riley has lived in a home he doesn’t have much formal obedience. He knows “sit”. Yep, that is his long list of known commands. Right now, I don’t mind that since his house manners are good and he doesn’t pull on the leash much or jump on me. Right now we are mostly working on the demand baying. It happens when he wants in or out of the house. It also happens if I’m getting ready to go. He stays in the hall and looks forward to his kong when I leave, so much that he starts telling everyone. He’s learning that he has to be quiet before he gets the kong.  In two weeks he has learned that after meals, he can stay quiet in his crate until everyone is done. He used to just stand and bay at me wanting to get out because he was finished. Don’t get the wrong idea…overall Riley is actually a pretty quiet guy.

The one thing I LOVE is Riley is a snuggler!! Daisy will cuddle if she is in the mood but Riley is always in the mood!! He also likes to sit on the couch with me at night and hold my hand. It makes it hard to type, but I love it anyway.

If you know anyone looking for a great family dog let them know about Riley! He really has the best mix of calm inside/play outside and is past both the crazy puppy stages and stubborn teenager phase. The rescue is also able to coordinate transport. Here is the link to his adoption page:  Rileys Page