My First Product Review!!

So earlier this year I watched as blogs all over reviewed I had received an email but was on a blogging break due to my nerve injury. I felt left out and was disappointed to have to tell them I couldn’t do it.


Well, left out no more! So, who is What do they offer, and most important, how was my experience using them?



So is not a new website. Many of you will know them as but they have had a name change this year. I like that they’ve been around a while. I am sure many of us know someone who has been duped by some fly-by-night internet company. offers wide variety of treats, foods, beds, and other pet supplies…delivered fast right to your door. In fact, they carry over 140 different brands. I decided to use my test run to help out dogs in need. My girls had enough food to last a while so I decided to buy food for a local organization that acts as a food pantry for animals in my community. I wanted to make it tough on so I placed my order on the Saturday before a big holiday week. I also bought big, bulky, dry dog food bags. Not that I was setting them up to fail…but I needed to know how they could perform under pressure. Well, to my surprise, I received an email on Sunday with my tracking number! I received my order on Tuesday. The offer quick shipping to the United States.


I could not be more happy with! They have free shipping on orders over 49 dollars everyday, even on huge 30 pound bags of dog food! Their prices on my girls’ brand beats most of the other pet supply websites out there. They also have a subscribe and save service. I haven’t tried it, but it sounds great. Automatic delivery of food on a schedule that you choose. No more last-minute trips when you forget you are running out of food!


There are couple things I don’t like about the set up of the website itself. I have found it can be a bit difficult to find “new” products by just browsing. Looking at dry dog food you can click “grain free” but the list that comes up is not the entire selection of grain free that they sell. So you miss out, or else you have to look through the hundreds of dog foods they do offer. Basically, they need better categorization and a more thorough organization of their products. However, if you know what you want and type it into the search bar-if they have it, it will find it. I like this for if I don’t want to browse and instead know exactly what I am there to buy.


Overall, I highly recommend for your pet supply and especially pet food needs. Great prices, and great service. If you haven’t tried them yet now is the time! If you use this code: TGPO1820 not only will you get 10 percent off your order(first time customers), ten dollars will be donated to charity (at the time of publication, Best Friends Animal Society).


However, no matter how great their service is….they can’t keep your coonhound from eating into the box. Thanks Daisy!


I was given a 50 dollar gift certificate in exchange for my honest opinion and review of The opinions expressed are my own.