New Adventures

So, Grandpa and I took Daisy to a spring today. This one is best to get to by boat. This meant a long, fast ride across a lake and she did great! We all had a great morning lounging and watching everyone in their boats enjoying the water and warm sun. Springs are where water comes right out of the aquifer.  The water is clear and 72-74 degrees all year-long. Daisy loved watching all the people and was fascinated by the fish in the water. Of course, not enough to actually get in the water.

Hey, where are we?

Hmm…a spring run!

Lets look for a place to park the boat! can see all the fishes!

But I’d rather look into the trees for squirrels.

There is a lot to look at here…

It’s like a Redneck Yacht Club (a country song, again)

Wow, all this activity has made me tired!

Time to head back home!