Who’s this???

Um, last time I checked this speckled dog isn’t Bella!!  Is there an imposter in our house? Stay tuned to find out (and there is a hint somewhere in this post)!


And yes, I know I still owe you camping stories. But I only have one day off in the next 7, so please cut me some slack!!

We’re Baaaack!!!

Hello all you fine ladies, gentleman, and those of the furry persuasion! I hope you haven’t forgotten us! It’s official-this blog is back in production! I’ve missed seeing your lovely faces around here. I have been reading, but I haven’t been commenting on your blogs. I probably still won’t be commenting much because I think I’m going to be struggling to find time to even do blogging! Why you ask? Well, a third of my coworkers are out on maternity leave. Yep you read that correctly-a third. So, that crazy work schedule I had? EVEN MORE CRAZY!!

But really, I’m feeling great so it’s time to start things rolling again. And I know the girls want the world to know everything they’ve been up to (show-offs!).  If you follow our Facebook page you have been able to keep up with a lot of what has been going on. This break has also let me sit back and think about blogging, and what I enjoy and don’t enjoy about participating in this community. I am restarting with a plan in mind to avoid burn out and hopefully give the readers something they will enjoy as well. Blogging should be full of fun and pressure free! Well, that’s what I’ve decided anyway.

Also, after reading all your experiences at Blog Paws the last two years, I am going to go ahead and say right now that I am going to try to go next year with Daisy! It’s a 10-11 hour drive to next year’s conference which is quite doable. So, please make plans to come meet us now!!

And for the fun part of my post….a little personality test for us!  I laughed out loud at the girls’ result so I hope you will go take it and share your results with us!

Daisy Mae


Your dog is a Spontaneous, Alpha and Medium Activity type which we call the Aristocrat. The Aristocrat’s composure causes people to feel privileged to be in its company. It has an air of greatness with high chin carriage and sometimes looking down its nose at others. The Aristocrat enjoys a highly ordered social system and needs strong leadership. It attends mainly to what interests it and does not work well in a group.



Your dog is an Organized, Gamma and Medium Activity type which we call the Diplomat. The Diplomat is a task focused, submissive character employing passive, medium energy techniques. It strives to keep order in a small but meaningful area and do the leader’s bidding in a passive, sometimes underhanded manner. The combination of Submissive (Gamma or G) and Medium (M) energy factors make the Diplomat a soft, loving, easy care character.

Seriously, if you know the girls Daisy will only “attend” to what she thinks needs to be done, and Bella will totally do what I ask “in an underhanded manner”. LOLOL

Here is the link: Canine Behavior Type  (yes, I know they try to sell you something extra but you don’t have to give any personal information to get the basic results)

So tell me-what is your dog’s personality?