Small Business Saturday

So, I had never heard of small business Saturday before.  Is this something new we are trying this year because the economy is still…well, you know?  Anyway, this new shopping day is the perfect excuse for my topic (that I’ve actually been planning on writing for a couple of weeks).

So, I am here to recommend two small businesses to you.

First, I now have an independent pet supply retailer and I am in love!  Tails Spin just opened their second location and it’s near me! They sell higher end pet foods (you won’t find corn, soy or wheat here) including frozen premade raw.  They have self wash dog stations in the back so you don’t have to get your bathtub at home all dirty. They also have all sorts of treats, leashes, toys, and dog beds, ect. They love when you bring your pet in. They were even good when I took Bella to get a bath, She was nervous and overwhelmed and they didn’t force her to let them pet her or anything.  They also will match any large chain’s advertised sale prices and there is a 10% discount for buying canned food by the case (what small retailer does this).

Daisy, Grannie, and I went to their grand opening. They had a red carpet for the dogs to walk, lots of great deals, and the fire department showing off their big ladder truck (yes, welcome to small town America, lol)!

Who needs spots anyway?

The other small (and local for me) company I want to highlight is Fluff and Tuff dog toys. I discovered these toys quite by accident and I am sure glad I did! These toys have the softness and fluffiness Daisy loves but her Rocket the Raccoon has been kicking for 2+ months now! I think it’s a new record for a stuffed toy. Even the squeaker is hanging in there.  They *might* seem pricey to some but Daisy just can’t wear hers out. We have played tug with it even and it’s still all in one piece.  You can order them online or look at their ever-growing list of stores that sell the stuffies to see if you can find them nearby. This picture is from their website. I love how the toys look like pretty normal stuffies but are super tough!


I was not asked to review these companies and I received no compensation. I chose to write about them just because I think they are awesome! And that is my own opinion!

Seriously?!? You Have Got to be Kidding Me!!!

The alternative title to today’s post was “Why I hate the National Park Service”.

Let me start from the beginning…The girls and I decided to go hiking at Ft. Pulaski. It is a fort left over from the Civil War days which is now a monument with nice hiking trails. The weather was very nice although quite foggy as you will see from my pictures.

The fort was originally built to help protect our shores from overseas threats. During the civil war, the brick construction couldn’t stand up to the new types of cannons being used.  It only took two days for the fort to fall. Much of it was rebuilt but you can still see some of the scars of battle.

I thought we had started on the Lighthouse trail, but it turns out we ended up walking around the dike that surrounds the fort. It was a really nice trail but at one point I did really question if I own a hunting breed. There was deer poop everywhere on the trail-I’m thinking there must be quite the population.  We even came up on these two (look carefully to the right of the tree). The fort is the building in the distance.

You might ask why I question my dogs. Well, lets see…Bella did sniff the ground where the deer might have crossed our trail. Other than that, my dogs made no indication that there were prey animals anywhere near us! I was able to stop, and take a bunch of pictures and walk by with my dogs completely oblivious to the deer. I am sure the deer didn’t mind that but come on!! I have coonhounds!

We stopped for a sniff and a drink where the canal that fills the moat at the fort comes in from the Savannah River.

I saved going into Ft. Pulaski for last. I knew the dogs would be nice and tired and there were quite a few tourists walking around. I love that they welcome dogs here as many places in my city are not dog friendly. So, now I am sure you are confused as to why I was so upset over my day there….

You walk over a drawbridge through this very narrow passage that cuts through huge hills of earth. In the picture…that walkway is coming from the right. Bella did not not enjoy the walls seeming like they were going to fall in on her. I stopped to take a few pictures to the entrance of the fort and had started to walk in. That is when the cannons started to go off. Oh yes, you did read that correctly. They were shooting cannons in the middle of the day in a 150+ year old decommissioned fort!! Needless to say Bella instantly called off our trip to the fort and went to bolt out of there as fast as she could. She almost pulled me down. I am so thankful I was able to hold on because I’m not sure if I would have ever got her back once she started running. I did stop before going out to put the leash loop around my wrist and wrap the leash in my hand. The cannons went off 3 times in total. Bella was a wreck. My girl can pull when she is panicked. She lowers herself to the ground until her chest touches and uses all her might against the leash. That is how we walked back to the car which she couldn’t get in fast enough. Daisy, OTOH, flinched the first time the cannon went off then just stood there waiting for me to decide which way to go.

There was nothing at the entrance or in the guide we were given that said anything about the cannons. Honestly, I would have called off the trip and went to a different park. I have found out since then they also do musket firings sometimes. Isn’t this something the Park Department should have big signs for?!?! Or written in the guide you get when you come into the park?? Needless to say Bella will never be going back there. I just can’t risk it with her and it makes the day not fun for her or me. Its hard to see your dog in 100% panic mode then quivering on the ride home.

I Know!! I Know!!

I totally dropped off the face of the earth. Sorry about that! I’ve still been trying to get around to your blogs and comment.  I’ll tell you my issue. I started a new job with a crazy schedule. So, I’m either working or recuperating at home, or trying to catch up on chores and errands. Even in free moments I’m not really in the mood for blogging. much y’all have missed!

I’m participating in the Blogging Christmas Card Exchange! I am so excited! We love getting mail here-especially when it isn’t bills!

I won’t make any promises but I am going to try and get my act together and show up here more often!

Now…a cute picture of Daisy at an event I failed to share on here when it happened….I just love her little skin roll at her knees.