Cutie Patootie!

Daisy and I went to a Dogtoberfest even near us. We had a pretty good time. Lots of dogs showed up in costumes and many families came out together. They had several booths set up for kid events- kid ‘agility’ and face painting and musical chairs. They also had dog agility and ‘Bobbin’ for Milkbones’.

Daisy did ‘jump in the hay pile’ to search for Begin’ Strips. Lets just say she had nooo trouble with that game. The bobbin’ for Milk bones was so funny to watch! Daisy of course saw the treats floating. She tried to get one and it sunk under. Daisy HATES water and she scooted back. Then she tried to grab a different treat. It bobbed under too! She wouldn’t use her paws since I know she didn’t want them wet. Eventually the desire for a treat won out she dunked her nose under to get one.

A lot of dogs came all dressed up. We didn’t stay for the costume contest though.

Isn’t she cute? I love the one of her laying down. She was tired of posing for pictures and wanted to get back in the thick of things! Also, she does wear the headband willingly. So many people asked how I trained her allow stuff to stay on her head. The real answer? I didn’t! She is just easy-going and doesn’t mind.









Hound Lips

One thing I like about hounds is their long jowls!  When Daisy gets tired she has issues untucking her upper lips when she closes her mouth. I love her toothy grin!  One day I hope to catch a shot of Bella’s “Elvis lips” she does when she bays.

Two Pic Tuesday!


Thanks to Grannie and Grandpa for coordinating the DSLR to make its way to my house for the weekend! It takes such better pictures than my point and shoot!

So, there are some blogs out there I can’t comment on! I’ve read from other folks that sometimes there are issues with commenting on Blogger blogs that use the imbedded comment form (rather than the pop-up).  One of my fellow coonhounds, Prudence, over at A Coonhounds Tales is one of the blogs I can’t comment on. Another one I’m having issues with is Chihuahuas are not Sheep which is disappointing because I love the pictures she takes of her dogs! Anyone else having these issues? Is it a setting on their blog or my computer?