We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog….

because our dog treat prize from Something Wagging This Way Comes just arrived!!  Personally, this is an exciting day because 1. The Lady in Waiting loves getting mail and 2. it is the first prize we have won through blogging!

Of course, Daisy was all over wanting to open up the box. Bella just wanted out of there!  My two opposite girls.  The good thing is Bella takes treats veeeeery slowly so I can get a picture of her enjoying them! Not possible with Daisy. Both of the girls really liked the treats and I love that they are wheat free!  I just hope the girls don’t start expecting all the mail to taste this good.

Oh! Is this box for me?

Not too sure about this box.




















Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!

Um, I really don't like that box!



















Daisy is very excited about FOOD! Bella is trying to run away.







Open them please!!




Yummy Berry!

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  1. We got our treats from Pamela today, too! It must be the day! Our girls all loved them, too!

  2. Yay for fun packages in the mail!!

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