Workin' Hard for the Money

One huge thing happened for me in the working group. I love Rottweilers!! Who knew?  Honestly, up until now I had only really ever seen mixes and BYB type dogs.  The show dogs were amazingly beautiful. Short, stocky, and sleek.  I had also never seen the black and white Newfoundland. In fact, I didn’t even realize that was an accepted coat color!  I looked it up-its called ‘landseer’.


Orlando Cluster Show-Working Group
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  1. Isn't it amazing how many new dogs we can come to love once we learn more about them?

    When my last dog Shadow came to live with me (she's pictured in the header of my blog), I was told she was a hound mix. I had no idea what that meant for my life until I found myself holding a leash whose other end was a nose.

    Now, every time I see a hound or hound mix, I marvel at their nose and whole other way of encountering the world.

  2. Pamela, I LOVE hounds. They more match my brain than, say, a Border Collie. They have so much brain in their nose with the rest for food, I have it easy :). LOL.
    Tracy, with your new-found love for Rotties, have you seen that YouTube of the Beagle puppy attacking the Rottweiler? Way too cute.
    Am still enjoying the breed photos. Danes amaze me with not only their height but their gentleness.

  3. great pics. Though I think that the official cut for portugese water dogs is silly. I understand the original purpose (streamlining for water work and keeping warm at the same time)… but I feel like a dog must be so embarassed at his giant pompom front-half and nekkit hiney!
    Love great danes and rotties… and dobermans… and all of them, really!

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