Hi everyone!

Hope this find you doing well. Just a quick update. I am doing much better and only have a few more weeks of physical therapy. The girls have been fantastic through all of this. If you have been on facebook you know Daisy has discovered how good life is on the couch! That’s right, I now have a snuggly couch dog.

I’ve still been reading everyone’s blogs although sometimes I catch up on a weeks worth at a time some days.

I will be back very soon! Hope to see you then.

The Lady in Waiting

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  1. I’m glad you’re doing well! 🙂 Just in time for Spring weather!
    houndstooth recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 3/14 — Sunset At The LakeMy Profile

  2. I’m waiting, too; be well, take your time and abide while you can. Enjoy that snuggly couch potato! I look forward to seeing you back again – only when you are ready!
    Roberta Beach recently posted..Farrah AdoptedMy Profile

  3. I recently discovered your blog and am IN LOVE with your stunning girls. Although I live in New York City, I have a Black Lab/GSP/Coonhound mix that hails from GA. So as you can imagine, I have a bit of a soft spot for big canine girls from GA. I truly hope that you are feeling better and on the mend and look forward to when you start posting again.

  4. Sorry I’m so late coming by but I wanted to tell you how glad I am to hear the PT is helping. I know you’ll be relieved to feel back to normal.

    Glad to hear the girls are being such good company in your recuperation. I’m sure they don’t mind you blogging less one bit. 🙂
    Pamela recently posted..The Puppiness Project – Give Thoughts Time to PercolateMy Profile

  5. Glad you’re doing better and you have an excellent nurse/couch pal 🙂

    Happy Spring! 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  6. so so so glad to hear you’re doing well!
    lauren recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sleepin Like a BabyMy Profile

  7. Glad you’re feeling better! And that you’ve discovered that you have a cuddle hound. Such a nice breed to have!!

    -Bart and Ruby
    rottrover recently posted..Ruby’s Gotcha Day Comment-a-thonMy Profile

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