Yesterday the girls had their first half day of doggie daycare.  I was told they had a great time.  Apparently Miss Daisy decided the little dogs had a better party going on and jumped the fence over to where they were.  Apparently she didn’t bother any of them and none of them were bothered by her so they let her hang out a while.  They both came home nice and tired!

Is it wrong to put your children in daycare so you can get work done?  It was great being able to come home and get a whole bunch of chores done while they weren’t here.  Typically they need to go out, be entertained, and by the time they have settled I can breathe a couple minutes.  Then its dog park time and I’m too tired for chores after that.

Sweet Bella is on doggie Prozac.   It was too hard to try and work with her anxiety because her threshold was so low.  Any little noise just about did her in.  Well, its been 2 weeks and I think I’m starting to see some changes.  You see, she even has trouble being comfortable in the house. It’s sad that sometimes in her crate she doesn’t even act like she feels safe.  Well, the last few days she has been spending much more time outside her crate.  After her meals she comes and lays at my feet.  Maybe she has a little dog in her somewhere!  It is exciting to see the changes, even if they are small.

We are trying out a new nighttime sleeping spot for Daisy. I have to be careful because when she has her bouts of nausea she tends to eat anything in an effort to induce vomiting.   Even carpet.  BUT, I’d like her to have a little more room sometimes.  Last night was her first night in the alcove and all was well.  So, we’ll see how things turn out.

Tomorrow morning I am taking them to a human pool. I hope they will play and have a good time.  Daisy thus far hasn’t shown much interest in water but I’m hoping repeated exposure will change her opinion.  I’ll try and get some pictures for y’all!

Good Day All!

So, today we all woke up to almost 90 degree heat in the apartment.  Yep, air was broke.  After the morning potty walk the girls decided to be dramatic.  Daisy came and collapsed in front of the fan and Bella was sitting right beside her panting up a storm.  Gee thanks girls, as if I wasn’t already feeling guilty for leaving you here so I could go and earn your kibble!

Someone at work takes their dog to a doggy daycare near me.  So I called them first thing this morning and they could take the girls and they could get a bath.  I took them at lunch and they went for a few hours of daycare fun.  This place is awesome, I took a tour after work.  They have different play areas, one with a pool.  Apparently Bella liked that one.  Daisy, not so much.  They also do boarding there and I think it could be a good place to take the girls.  They could deal with their diets and needs and they could be together.

Bella did not want to go in when we got there but when I picked them up she seemed really happy.

So, we came home and I wanted to eat dinner.  There was a SQUIRREL on the balcony.  Oh my.  Nothing like a 65 pound coonhound throwing herself against the glass.  Actually at first she stood 100% still, with her nose pressed against the glass. Then the craziness trying to go through the glass.  In her defense, the squirrel sat there teasing and taunting her from the banister.

Then this evening, it was a walk at the park.  No, like an actual walk in the park.  Then when we came home we got to try Nupro for the first time.  Both of the girls liked it I think. Nothing like stinky liver gravy!  Yum!  Daisy got a good case of the zoomies and now both girls are passed out sleeping.

It's right there!!