Whoo Hoo! Blogpaws 2014

I’m super excited to be at another year here at Blogpaws! For those of you who might not know it is a great conference dedicated to pet blogging. Last year I left here with a lot of information and motivation surrounding my blog. I have really been active on some of the Micro blogging sites and hope to learn how to build my audience there. Of course, I also want to get better at remembering my long form blog as well.

This year’s conference is in Las Vegas so the girls had to stay home. Don’t worry though-Grannie is busy spoiling them as you are reading this to be sure.

As I believe in providing some entertainment….here is some video from our winter from hell. Where we live normally has about 5 inches of snow in an entire winter season, this year..I have no idea how much it ended up being but there was one 24 hour period where we had 12 inches! Spring has been so nice.