It is Nice

when your dogs like coming to you. Bella typically has good recall, unless something scares her.  Daisy’s recall is great in the house. It is also pretty good outside if there aren’t squirrels out mocking her existence. But put a squirrel in her line of sight and “come” might as well become a four letter word.


Well, confession. Bella’s picture was taken with a zoom lens-so she really wasn’t close to me and with me holding the camera-she stopped short. So much for recall… but the zoom lens is almost the only way to get a face shot of her. And Daisy is a camera hog!  Seriously, all I have to do is bend down with the camera and all the sudden my coonie wants to hang out right in front of me!!


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  1. Happy hounds! Hopefully, both my Hoss (Redbone) and Sadie (black and Tan) will be adopted by the middle of next week :). Do enjoy yours :).

  2. Great pics! so cute 🙂
    and I'm jealous of your zoom-lense!

  3. Great photos! Those ears!! Love them. Who cares if it was a 'zoom'…great moment captured…job complete! : )

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