Hot Beach Babe 2013!!

Look at this hot babe I saw out on the beach!! Bella the Beach Bum

Oh wait, this isn’t what they meant by search engine optimization at Blogpaws?  Oops…Guess I need to go review my notes again! I thought I was supposed to use a catchy title that people would search for!

I’d like to let you in on a little secret place I found that is a nice little getaway and dog friendly to boot! It’s the Mystery Location I teased you with on Wednesday.

This is funny looking driftwood.

This is funny looking driftwood.

Jekyll Island is one of the “Golden Isles” of Georgia. As one of the barrier islands in the coastal region, there is a diverse ecosystem for those folks who enjoy getting out with nature. We were there on a weekday so it wasn’t too crowded-I’m sure come summer the beaches will be hopping! The coolest part is the beaches on this island are dog friendly all year long! Many Georgia beaches are either not dog friendly at all, or have restricted dog access during the summer months.  Jekyll Island has a typical “sand and waves” type beach but that isn’t where we visited. If you plan your trip during low tide I would recommend driving to the north side of the island for a walk on Driftwood Beach. It is just beautiful and only a short walk from the pier.

Did you really tie me to this??

Did you really tie me to this??

If you ever consider taking a vacation in this area there is fishing, horseback riding, a water park, and TONS of history. This area was active in not just the Civil War, but the Revolutionary War as well. If you are into golf…they have you covered! You can rent bikes and ride on the trails as well.

It can be hard to find activities to share with Bella due to her anxiety. The loud waves made her a bit nervous but overall I think she had a good time. The beach is full of new and potent smells (rotting horseshoe crab anyone?). The picture from the Wordless Wednesday post is us looking with the beach to our back…it is a salt marsh. During high tide the area fills with salty water and feeds many animals that live in the muck.

Wow! This is a fascinating smell!

Wow! This is a fascinating smell!

No Bella…you may NOT roll on that!!

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Mr. Cottontail

Warning! This post contains small animal death with photos. You’ve been warned.

So, the other morning we had quite the adrenaline rush in the coonhound house. I have a fully fenced (6 foot) backyard. The squirrels tend to love all the trees but of course, they come and go and sit up high to torture poor Daisy with their swishy tails. Since I am accustomed to this type of security I never think twice about just opening the door to let the girls out. Well, somehow the other morning a bunny had found its way into my backyard during the night. I opened the door…it saw us, and we saw it just about the same time. I helplessly yelled “Giiiirrrllls!!! Nnnnooooo!!” As they took off running in hot pursuit. I grabbed the pile of leashes at the door but of course, it was too late. In my mind I knew no matter what, the bunny was trapped and I wouldn’t be quick enough to save it. Bella caught in in under 30 yards. The girl is FAST. The bunny didn’t suffer.

Why share this story? Well, it’s more because of how differently my dogs reacted to the bunny in the backyard. Bella has the killer instinct. She is the only one who has ever caught any prey animal. However, if you would see her in the yard she isn’t focused on the squirrels like Daisy. She likes to relax and lay in the sun. However, put a headlamp on and leash her up and she thinks it is time to hunt! Daisy, from the untrained eye, would see more “huntress”. She’s not. She is a show pony! It is all yell and no action. With the bunny, she took off chasing and yelling but it was more the love of her own voice I think, rather than the thrill of the hunt, that got her going. Once the bunny wasn’t moving, she lost interest quite quickly.

My raw feeding friends said I should have froze the bunny so Bella could have had it later. I decided to continue the circle of life instead. I walked down to our roost of vultures and left dear Peter under a tree for them. Of course, in true mother pride I took a photo of Bella’s prize for posterity’s sake.

Happy Easter Everyone!




Christmas Miracles!

Wonders never cease!!  After 2 years and 9 months Bella, for the last 2 nights, has decided that she can use a dog bed! Normally no matter what I have tried she just acted like having anything squishy under her feet was horrible. I have no idea what has changed her mind! The picture isn’t great cause it was dark and I only had my phone. I am happy for her though! I hope she continues to enjoy the wonders of an orthopedic mattress.


bella in bed