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So, what do you think had Daisy so captivated in this picture?  (I’ll post the answer in the next day or two).


Also, I have a question for you. For WordPress self hosters -how do you post comments on blogger blogs? Right now I’m using my blogger profile but I wished it’d direct people to my blog. I tried to get an openid but lets say that was a disaster! Any other ideas?

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  1. When I comment I always use my google id. the wordpress thing will not work for self hosted wordpress blogs on for your free wordpress log in info so I stick with google since I still use google for my reader and I still follow people with google friend connect.

    Was it a cricket?
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  2. Ooh! Putting my bet on a fly.
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  3. I’ve given up trying to change my Google thingy to anything else when I comment on Blogger blogs! It’s such a spider web, Google! Very hard to get unentangled.

    Not sure if Daisy is looking at something behind the carton or outside!
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  4. The comment thing is a pain… I love when sites give the option of posting with name/URL because Open ID is totally a mess, and you can’t use the WordPress thing with a self-hosted site.

    I’m going with an insect of some kind…
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