Daisy Was After…

a lizard!!  Now, please, let me explain. Daisy has never shown any interest in lizards before. She has had plenty of opportunity but never seemed to notice or care. I think this one caught her eye because it was trespassing in her house. She had been laying down sleeping (or so I thought) when she sprang up at full alert! It was a small green anole. It did get away but I have no idea where its final whereabouts are.  She has not cared for any lizards she has seen outside since either.


And thanks for your information regarding comments to Blogger blogs. I guess I will just keep using my Blogger profile!

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  1. haylie is my lizard girl, she loves to play with them – its pretty gross actually cause she likes to take her time 🙂 Fred is a big old weenie with them.
    Kari recently posted..Halloween – Hound Girl HomesteadMy Profile

  2. I found you through Pet Blogger Hop. Daisy is such a lovely intelligent dog…I have observed similar behavior with my pets; they don’t pay attention to critters such as lizards unless something triggered them…what causes dogs to be on alert mode with smaller creatures – that I’m still trying to figure out.
    Twinkle Nabor-Enyong recently posted..It’s Saturday and I’m socializin’ in styleMy Profile

  3. *sings* I said, Hey! You! Get outta my house!!!!
    Rumpy Drummond recently posted..Drink to a Dog’s Health!My Profile

  4. That was a workout! Glad you aid what it is. We wouldn’t have been able to guess.
    jansfunnyfarm recently posted..Fred, Elephant ImitatorMy Profile

  5. We LOVE chasing lizards! We do it as a team!! We NEVWE catch them :-((
    rottrover recently posted..Wordy Wednesday With GizmoMy Profile

  6. Great lizard chase Daisy! I think those lizards are sooo much fun! They even try and play hide and seek with me. Silly lizards 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Lizards are tricky critters!

    Swing on by for a visit sometime!

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