Did You Say Something?

Finally!! A great picture of Daisy with her ears up!  I was inside the house and she was outside. Grandpa started to get ice out of the fridge and TaDa! The picture was taken through the window screen (the window was open) so it isn’t as crisp as it could be but I just love how she looks against the green grass and with the flowers in front of her.


Bella has found her voice.

And I admit, it might be a little annoying whens she decides that the perfect time to talk is in the middle of my movie. And, as you see, it makes Daisy ready to play too.  There is nothing going on, she just wants anyone around to look at her and talk to her.

Bella also has a weird quirk. She leans her head to the side and the more she bays-the more her ears itch. It is funny! Does anyone else know a dog like this?

Beautiful Hound Ears….

I love hound ears. Good ol’ floppy, velvety bits of goodness.  I could sit around and pet them forever. Good thing my girls like a good ear rubbin’.  They can also provide hours of entertainment, mainly in how they flop around.

Daisy’s ears do this when chasing her ball..check them out!