Merry (belated) Christmas!

The girls and I had such a good time during Christmas this year! This is going to be one whirlwind post to catch all of you up on everything.

First, we participated in the blogger card exchange, plus a bunch of coonhound and dog lover friends of mine exchanged cards. This meant I hung my cards WITH the girls’. Otherwise, my pile would have been quite pitiful indeed. I like having all my cards up on display. I may not take them down until Valentine’s Day. They just make me happy.


Second, Daisy and Bella both exchanged gifts with other dog friends out there with blogs! Thank you both for being patient! I know you have wanted to see pictures of the girls enjoying their presents.

Daisy was very excited to open presents this year. She tore through paper and chewed up boxes. She received a box from LadyBug over at BichonPawz. It had some of her favorite things ever! Squeakies!!! They are in the shape of corn, bread, and potatoes, LOL! She also has a couple chew bones to munch on for snack time. I tried to get a picture of her posing all cute with her gifts. She would have NONE of it!! She was so excited and just wanted to play. It has been a couple weeks now and she is STILL running around with the corn in her mouth! I’m not sure what it is about that particular one….but she loves it. Now, if I could just get her to understand that when I’m on the phone is NOT when you should pick them up to start playing!






Thank you so much LadyBug! Daisy is still enjoying her toys.

Next was Bella’s turn! In typical Bella fashion she was totally unsure of what was going on. She would come in, sniff, then run back to her hallway (her safe place at Grannie and Grandpa’s) to watch what we would do next. Luckily her reluctance to play in the wrapping and tissue paper and tear open boxes has no affect on how much she loves her gifts from Millie over at Bird Brains and Dog Tales. Bella loves her Blankie (as do I, Millie’s mom has major talent)!! It was funny….after we made her pose for these kinda corny pictures we put the blanket down in the hall where she likes to sleep…she walked right over and plopped down, curled up and was out like a light! She knew exactly what it was, and what it was for and has used it since coming back home. Mostly her sisters leave it alone. Mostly. Right now as I type Rizzie is using it to sleep. It’s good Bella doesn’t mind sharing occasionally. She also got a beautiful bandana that says ‘Rescue’. *I* love that. She’ll be wearing it when I have to take her anywhere! Since the camera tends to make her anxious, there aren’t as many pictures of her. Also, she says the treats that were in her box were great….they are loooong gone! 😀

DSC_0260DSC_0261 DSC_0267 DSC_0274

Finally, in typical toddler-like fashion, some kids like playing with the boxes more than the presents!! Oh, Daisy!


Christmas is Coming!

I Promise!

The girls did have a great time, but the day after I came down with this “virus worse than a flu from hell” and am still in recovery mode. Still on medication. I’ve slept like 18 of the last 24 hours-so not much blogging time. I will say all three dogs have been outstanding. Daisy has slept the last two nights with me-a first! I think she’s worried about me. Bella sleeps and guards my door too. Funny how they know when you’re sick, eh?

We’ll be back!

Christmas Miracles!

Wonders never cease!!  After 2 years and 9 months Bella, for the last 2 nights, has decided that she can use a dog bed! Normally no matter what I have tried she just acted like having anything squishy under her feet was horrible. I have no idea what has changed her mind! The picture isn’t great cause it was dark and I only had my phone. I am happy for her though! I hope she continues to enjoy the wonders of an orthopedic mattress.


bella in bed

Waiting for Santa

We are all eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival! What did your pups ask for from the guy in the red suit?

Rizzie asked for a forever home of her own where she can snuggle up with her people on the couch every night. Daisy wants treats and a pet squirrel (not sure I believe she wants a ‘pet’- LOL), and Bella wants the UPS truck to stop making deliveries so often at our house!