Rainy Morning

Where I live I am pretty lucky when it comes to rain. Typically, with a little planning you can miss the worst of a downpour and many times can stay in during the whole thing. Long rainy days are rare here, even if we are having torrential daily downpours with thunder and lightning.

This morning I was not so lucky. It was already raining during the girls’ 2am walk. So, when I got up this morning it was pouring! Looking at the radar it would be hours-well into afternoon before it quit. So, I got Daisy and a poncho and headed out. Oh boy was she not happy with me! She hates the water and that includes rain. It was the closest to her tail being tucked that I had ever seen.  When I’d stop she’d lift two paws off the wet ground. If Daisy were like Bella and would hold it instead of peeing in the floor I wouldn’t have to torture her (or me) like this, but that is not my Daisy.  After a long walk she finally went and I made a b-line for the house.  She did love the rub down with a towel to get her dry.

Then came step two in my plans for Daisy today. The Thundershirt.  No, Daisy does not suffer from any sort of anxiety but I was hoping to use something I already have to stop her from itching and scratching the same places where her fur is now gone and the skin irritated.

It works-but I don’t think she is too happy about having to wear it. Once I got her in it she just sat there looking at me like “Really Mom? What are you thinking?!”

Tired Pup

I took this at a red light today. The girls and I were at a dog meetup group for 2 hours in a park. They had so much fun but Daisy decided she couldn’t wait to get home for a nap. She was laying down in my backseat.

I'll use my ear to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Saturday Morning Musings…

I  love to see my girls run.  Although both are coonhounds, they have distinct running styles.  Bella is a graceful gazelle.  She digs in, runs low, and fast.

Daisy on the other hand, clumbers along. It takes work to get her moving and her ears make running very dramatic. She runs like a car out of alignment and it is very entertaining to watch.

Sometimes though, when they are running around something clicks and they get into a great rhythm chasing each other.  Love the ears.

Thanks a bunch to Grandpa for taking these pics yesterday with his good camera. It is hard to get fast action shots with a point and shoot type camera.  He also got experience the wonder of The Cadillac of Dog Parks.

In his visit yesterday Bella actually came up to him to smell him and wagged her tail and let him pet her. I am very happy about that. Bella has a fear of men and I really would love for her to know Grandpa is no threat.

In more random news-when I was very, very young Grannie bought a bunch of pre-cut quilting squares. She never did anything with them, and now, over a decade later, I have inherited the fabric. I’m planning on making quilts for the girls to go in their crate. They have egg carton beds now. I wash the covers and febreeze the egg carton but I find they still stink a lot. Hopefully a quilt will be easier to clean. What do your dogs sleep on? Do they have a crate and any padding in the crate?

I also wanted to let everyone know I loved reading the blogs from the pet blogger challenge. I found some new blogs that are now in my RSS feed and I see some of you found me!  And now…I’m off to join the Blog Hop! I like the blog hop even though I never add the list to my blog. Copy and pasting the html code doesn’t work for me for some reason. But you can click the icon to the right to find out more.

Pet Blogger Challenge

So, I was looking around at pet blogs and one name in particular really caught my attention and I learned about the pet blogger challenge. I thought It’d be a good way for readers to know a little bit more about my blog.  And today’s post was born.

So onto the questions….(you can click the badge to the right for information if you are interested)

Well, most of you do not know that this blog didn’t actually start here. I had 4 whole posts on a blogspot site. I started it a couple months after Bella joined my home, but then I decided to get Daisy and a couple more months went by without me posting. The other site was really set up for one dog and in reading about blogging I thought the wordpress site might be better for me to use.

I originally started blogging because I was so happy to have a dog (not dogs) in my life. All I wanted to talk about was the girls…wait…all I still want to talk about it the girls!  I thought if I had a verbal outlet online I could find some people to read about them and I would talk about other interests in life.   My purpose is still very much the same. The only difference is I don’t fool myself into thinking it will stop the desire to talk about them in everyday life any less.  In fact, some of you very lucky people hear the stories I put on here then come back and read them all over again.

I don’t blog on a schedule. I really try for 2-3 posts a week.  I have to have something to write about or pictures to post and our lives just aren’t busy or exciting enough for a daily or even a scheduled blog.  Sometimes I feel a bit guilty when its around 4-5 days between posts. I want people to read about the girls and enjoy the stories just I like reading on other people’s blog. I see some people with so many followers!  I have two, one of them I know (Hi Grannie!). I know by my stats and those fabulous people who leave comments that others are coming by. I can understand not following a blog-I don’t follow blogs on follow buttons. I recently learned how to add the blogs I follow onto RSS feeds that go into my mail program.

I don’t generate money from my blog and wouldn’t have the slightest idea how. If anyone wants to let me in on the secret-by all means share away!

I like that with blogging I have a record of my life with my girls. I can look back and see what kind of fun, or what struggles we were having.  I like that it has opened me up to a community of other dog (and cat) obsessed people who don’t think I’m strange at for the type of life and relationship I cultivate with my girls.

A couple thing I don’t like is when life is boring and I’m not sure what to write about. I may only have a few regular folks stopping by but I want them to keep coming back!

I hope I will continue to gain an audience this coming year.  Hopefully next year Daisy and I will start agility so there will be even more to share. If I get enough followers/traffic I might even try my first give away in the second half of 2011.  Everyone likes free stuff, right?