Hail Dog Park Goers!

OK, Christmas updates are coming soon. But I had a friend share this with me and I HAD to share it with all of you. Now, we don’t have a dog park here but we used to go everyday. If you ever go to the dog park I am sure you will understand the humor in this clip.



And although I’m not posting as much at least I am keeping up with reading blogs! It is a start, right?

New Dog Park!

There is only one dog park within a reasonable driving distance from us now. Good thing for us it is awesome!  Online says it is 15 acres. There is a pond in the largest section (pictured below). There are trees and squirrels (which Daisy says is the most important thing).  The small dog section is really nice too. And although I don’t have a small dog, I do see that in many dog parks-they aren’t always given a nice area.

Daisy is fully aware of the squirrel situation. So she runs and runs looking for one.  Sometimes she finds one and chases it up a tree-and holds it there for me. Sometimes, like this morning, she runs and runs looking but doesn’t find anything. I don’t think she’s upset about it though-she is stretched out on the floor napping. She was so tired she didn’t want to get out of the car when we got home.

Dressing Up the Dog

So, I tried to write this on my WordPress iphone app. Lets just say I understand why it has such low rating. It crashed and my post is there-I can read it, but it won’t allow me to publish it, so everything must be typed again. But I’ll type it word for word so you’ll know what was going on.


So, I came up with a great way to stop Daisy from doing so much damage when she is scratching.  I bought her some wife beater style t-shirts and I must say she is rather cute in them.  She doesn’t mind the new clothes at all.

I took this picture on my Iphone and since we are the only folks at the dog park today I am doing something I never do. i am sitting relaxing and just letting her wander and chase squirrels-while I fit a blog post in. (Now of course you understand I’ve had to do it twice).

Saturday Morning Musings…

I  love to see my girls run.  Although both are coonhounds, they have distinct running styles.  Bella is a graceful gazelle.  She digs in, runs low, and fast.

Daisy on the other hand, clumbers along. It takes work to get her moving and her ears make running very dramatic. She runs like a car out of alignment and it is very entertaining to watch.

Sometimes though, when they are running around something clicks and they get into a great rhythm chasing each other.  Love the ears.

Thanks a bunch to Grandpa for taking these pics yesterday with his good camera. It is hard to get fast action shots with a point and shoot type camera.  He also got experience the wonder of The Cadillac of Dog Parks.

In his visit yesterday Bella actually came up to him to smell him and wagged her tail and let him pet her. I am very happy about that. Bella has a fear of men and I really would love for her to know Grandpa is no threat.

In more random news-when I was very, very young Grannie bought a bunch of pre-cut quilting squares. She never did anything with them, and now, over a decade later, I have inherited the fabric. I’m planning on making quilts for the girls to go in their crate. They have egg carton beds now. I wash the covers and febreeze the egg carton but I find they still stink a lot. Hopefully a quilt will be easier to clean. What do your dogs sleep on? Do they have a crate and any padding in the crate?

I also wanted to let everyone know I loved reading the blogs from the pet blogger challenge. I found some new blogs that are now in my RSS feed and I see some of you found me!  And now…I’m off to join the Blog Hop! I like the blog hop even though I never add the list to my blog. Copy and pasting the html code doesn’t work for me for some reason. But you can click the icon to the right to find out more.