So, I used to see various micro-media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr as a burden. Not only did I have to come up with some astoundingly interesting topic for my regular blog, but I was now responsible for entertaining other folks who didn’t want to come and read what I had to say! Oh boy how have things changed!!!

This year has had quite a lot of ups and downs for me. One thing I have learned is that a quick funny thing the girls have done or a snapped Iphone picture allows me to connect to readers without having to take the time to sit down, write out a post, edit, write HTML, and join a blog hop. Some of you out there follow me everywhere possible and for that I thank you! I consider you my core group of blog people. There are others who are just Facebook folks or only Twitter people and that is okay with me too! I have also figured out how to get all my social media to talk to each other. I can make one post and it still gets out to everyone.

Does anyone else getting a little rush as the “likes” and comments come rolling in? I swear its like a hit of a good drug sometimes!

My newest micro-media is Instagram. I have to thank Desmond over at Life with Desmond for this one. I thought for sure I’d hate it, but to be honest, it’s my new favorite!! They say  picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram allows you to take, edit, and post pictures to all your favorite sites and even email to people who refuse to get into the blogging thing.

So.. go like our Facebook page… or find us on Twitter …or on Instagram (theroyalcoonhounds). I update there quite often and there are lots of cute pictures. I tend to also respond a bit more on Facebook.

Plus…there will breaking news later today only on my Micro-blogs! If you aren’t there-you’re gonna miss it!

Two Pic Tuesday!


Thanks to Grannie and Grandpa for coordinating the DSLR to make its way to my house for the weekend! It takes such better pictures than my point and shoot!

So, there are some blogs out there I can’t comment on! I’ve read from other folks that sometimes there are issues with commenting on Blogger blogs that use the imbedded comment form (rather than the pop-up).  One of my fellow coonhounds, Prudence, over at A Coonhounds Tales is one of the blogs I can’t comment on. Another one I’m having issues with is Chihuahuas are not Sheep which is disappointing because I love the pictures she takes of her dogs! Anyone else having these issues? Is it a setting on their blog or my computer?