Nashville Here We Come!!

So, many of you follow our regular posts over on Instagram and Facebook but just in case we are down somewhere on someone’s RSS feed….I thought I’d post a quick update.

We will be in Nashville for BlogPaws 2015! It is my third year, and since it’s close enough to home…I’m dragging Daisy along for the ride. I really have loved networking and learning the last two years at BlogPaws. I almost decided to go to a conference for my job this weekend but in the end I couldn’t pass up a chance to catch up with my blogging friends.

Some things have changed since Daisy and I showed up for our first BlogPaws in Washington DC. I’ve pretty much quit blogging (although I maintain this site). I now really enjoy the Instagram/Facebook (and some Twitter) interactions. I just seem to be able to follow and keep up there more than I could here. Rather than one long post with multiple pictures explaining my week, Instagram allows me to snap a pic, caption the story and move on with my busy life. I think I’ll still get a lot of value from the conference.  Who knows, maybe it will spark new interest in long form blogging.

If nothing else, I’m going to look into getting some cards made that have my WHOLE coonhound family. Molly Brown doesn’t deserve to play third wheel in the family this year!

Right now I’m reading the linky list for the blogs that are going to the conference this year and I’m psyched! Can’t wait to see everyone again!

Daisy Looking for Squirrels

Two Pic Tuesday!


Thanks to Grannie and Grandpa for coordinating the DSLR to make its way to my house for the weekend! It takes such better pictures than my point and shoot!

So, there are some blogs out there I can’t comment on! I’ve read from other folks that sometimes there are issues with commenting on Blogger blogs that use the imbedded comment form (rather than the pop-up).  One of my fellow coonhounds, Prudence, over at A Coonhounds Tales is one of the blogs I can’t comment on. Another one I’m having issues with is Chihuahuas are not Sheep which is disappointing because I love the pictures she takes of her dogs! Anyone else having these issues? Is it a setting on their blog or my computer?