Happy Blogiversary!

That’s right-today is my one year mark of blogging. Honestly, I am a little surprised with myself. I tend to get excited about a project, work really hard, then give up or get distracted by a new fun project. I think blogging has one big difference than most DIY though.  The readers. Over the last year seeing my readership numbers continue to grow, seeing everyone clicking on my pictures and movies, and knowing that there are people out there who like reading about my dogs has kept me going. So, thanks for sticking with us! I hope y’all enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours.

I will say the original goal of this blog has not been met. I started writing about the girls in an effort to stop talking about them so much in my everyday life. Instead, I found even more people who love to talk about and listen about dogs.  I’ve learned I’m not the only dog crazy person out there. I’m not the only one who loves collars and taking their dogs to any activity possible and whose cars are filled with dried dog slobber.

So, inspired by my love of Lord of the Rings, I’m going to take a page from our friends the dear Hobbits, and give gifts to others for my Blogiversary. That’s correct, my very FIRST giveaway! I told you that you’d want to read today!! Everyone loves free stuff!

So, I sat down earlier this week and asked the girls what they wanted to send someone. They asked whether one of our small dog friends or big dog friends would be getting the gift. *enter stumped Lady in Waiting*  So…there are TWO giveaways!  One with a toy for a small dog, one with a toy for a large dog.

So, I asked the girls what they wanted to include in the gift.  Daisy wanted to give one of her favorite toys. It’s a Kong brand tug toy. It has everything! The ropes are connected inside the toy and act as the stuffing and there is a squeaker. Bella wanted to send hot dogs. I tried explaining that hot dogs wouldn’t last in the mail. To which, she huffed and said that she still wanted to send hot dogs. I found these great dried sausages and explained they are sort of like hot dogs and she was satisfied. My choice for a gift is Zukes treats. I chose the regular ones (as opposed to the minis) because they are good size to be given “just because” and if you need a smaller training treat-they are easy to break apart. Sorry for the not so good pictures. I had other stuff planned but with the Iphone-this is what y’all are getting!

Large Dog Gift


Small Dog Gift


I’m going to make the rules easy:

1. Comment to THIS post between 8 am EST August 20, 2011 through 11:59 PM EST August 21, 2011. That right-just a weekend to win. Tell me if you are entering for the small dog gift or the large dog gift. Only one entry per family.

2. Sorry, but no one related to me or the girls is eligible.

3. I’ll use Random.org to pick a winner Monday then email you for your contact information so make sure its a working email!

Life's a Beach

Daisy and I went to check out out “local” dog beach. I put that in quotes cause it is just over an hour to get there. We have so many beaches close to us but none will allow dogs.

It is actually a really nice beach.  Not actually on the beach, but on the inter-coastal waterway. Since it was so far, I wanted to make a day of it-which meant packing a lunch for Daisy and myself, a sun shade (I burn even with sunscreen), and some beach towels.  Well, it turns out you have to walk a ways from the parking lot, through the dunes, and over a boardwalk to get to the beach. Daisy and I just went walking when we first got there. Then I decided to go tot he closest beach access.  Well, someone wasn’t following the leash rule and about the time we go their the dog attacked a very young puppy (like 8 weeks). We high tailed it to a different section. I don’t want any trouble.

We were both really hot by the time we made it to the beach. I set up the sun shade and forced Daisy into the water to cool off. Daisy isn’t scared of water, but she prefers to not come in contact with it. You can see it in the video-wagging tail but definite refusal.


We laid around a few hours, watched the boats, and she took a nice nap or two.  We also ate lunch.   I set up half the sun shade (which is half of a two man tent) for her, but she mostly wanted to take her half in the middle.  And, she kept wanting to put her butt where I wanted to put my head! Silly girl.

I will be going back again. I want to take Bella. She loves the water and the beach is really quiet.  I might try for one evening so we can just go, walk around, then come home. I don’t think she would agree with the use of an umbrella or a sunshade. They make noise in the wind.

Yum! Frozen kongs on the beach.



Napping next to me


I want my half in the back!

Living with Opposites

Today I had a great illustration in how different my dogs really are in personality. Of course, I understand this but when I have such a display as I did today, I feel the need to share.

This afternoon I gave Daisy a stuffed frozen kong and gave Bella a bully stick. They were both happily enjoying their treats. So I gathered up all their towels, t-shirts, and bedding to go in the wash. During this Daisy never looked up at me. I think she might have passingly wagged her tail at me when I came close. Bella on the other hand stopped chewing and looked WORRIED! I could almost hear her inner dialogue “Wonder why mom is taking our stuff? What did we do? Is she upset? Is she taking us somewhere? Where will I sleep tonight? OMG I don’t have a home!!!”  Yep, Bella has issues. LOL

Daisy on the other hand didn’t worry until she felt it was bedtime. Then she had her own version of issues. She went into her crate, spun around, sniffed, came out and looked at me.  Then she put her front paws in the crate, sniffing around, then looked back at me (their bed covers were in the dryer still). She did her three spins right outside her crate and laid down with a huff. When I brought her bed back in she wagged her tail happily and climbed right into her crate.

My funny girls.

The Evolution of the Squeaky Toy

I was a very excited dog owner when I brought Bella home. I had to stop to buy all the dog things I needed when I adopted her-I had nothing before because I was open to dogs of any size.  So along with the basics I also bought squeaky toys and kongs.

Needless to say when I finally convinced Bella that it was ok to come see me out of her crate and tried to play with that squeaky toy-she darted right back in. I tried to give it some time.  I was told by some great people to let her settle in, take it at her pace, and let her decide when and how to come out of her shell. I tried several more times to get her to engage with the toys but she wanted no part.

Daisy came along and I didn’t buy any squeakies.  I was worried that Daisy playing with them would frighten Bella. Don’t worry, Daisy had other toys. Then Grannie bought the hedgehog.  Daisy was beyond thrilled with life. These wonderful things sound like they are dying as you bite them!  Heavenly bliss.  Bella was less thrilled by the intruders in her home but she was no longer running.

Well, it has been 8 months since I brought Bella home. I have taken the advice of others and let her come out of her shell at her own pace (ok, perhaps with some phamacutical help).  Yesterday she finally decided squeaky toys are pretty fun and even played tug with Daisy to try and get one!  She ran off with Mr. Raccoon trying to unstuff him, or unsqueak him or whatever it is the dogs are trying to do with these toys.

So from running and hiding in her crate to today we get this:

I'll get you Raccoon!

Last Thursday….

So, last Thursday Daisy and I went to a ‘movies in the park’ event in a city near me.  I knew Bella would hate going because of the crowds and noise so she had to stay home. Don’t worry, she got lots of extra lovin’ from me!

We were very lucky to find a parking spot really close to where the movie was being held. I decided Daisy was going to have to work for her fun and packed her backpack with our drinks and snacks. I had a couple crystal light teas and popcorn for me, some water and two frozen kongs for her.  She carried her backpack like a champ even though some old man made a smart-ass remark about me making her do all the work. I have a great blanket that is water resistant nylon on one side and paw print fleece on the other to use when we go places.

So, they had live BLUEGRASS music starting about an hour before the movie. I love bluegrass music!  They also had food vendors set up selling things like burgers and kettle corn. I didn’t even go look at what they had because I brought my own!

She behaved like an angel!  She LOVED the kongs of course and laid right on the blanket to eat them. She whined a little in the middle of the movie but overall was very quiet.  The only weird thing that happened was when she saw the police horses…she went into instant predator mode!  I’m glad they were far away.  Also, the area was set up with surround sound and some of the noise scared her. She actually laid next to me trembling a bit so I gave her treats to let her know I was happy with her laying with me. She recovered fine.

We sat next to a couple who just loved her! In fact, several people just loved her that night. Not too many drop dead gorgeous coonhounds around here.

Yummy Kong!