Living with Opposites

Today I had a great illustration in how different my dogs really are in personality. Of course, I understand this but when I have such a display as I did today, I feel the need to share.

This afternoon I gave Daisy a stuffed frozen kong and gave Bella a bully stick. They were both happily enjoying their treats. So I gathered up all their towels, t-shirts, and bedding to go in the wash. During this Daisy never looked up at me. I think she might have passingly wagged her tail at me when I came close. Bella on the other hand stopped chewing and looked WORRIED! I could almost hear her inner dialogue “Wonder why mom is taking our stuff? What did we do? Is she upset? Is she taking us somewhere? Where will I sleep tonight? OMG I don’t have a home!!!”  Yep, Bella has issues. LOL

Daisy on the other hand didn’t worry until she felt it was bedtime. Then she had her own version of issues. She went into her crate, spun around, sniffed, came out and looked at me.  Then she put her front paws in the crate, sniffing around, then looked back at me (their bed covers were in the dryer still). She did her three spins right outside her crate and laid down with a huff. When I brought her bed back in she wagged her tail happily and climbed right into her crate.

My funny girls.

Happy New Year!!!

So, let me tell you about Christmas morning with the girls. The grandparents were here to deliver presents and Santa came for Bella and Daisy!

Daisy is like the little kid who wants to help open everyone’s presents. She was so interested in everything and wanted to smell it as you were opening it.  Her tail never stopped wagging, she was just so happy that we were happy and that she got to be included!  When it was her turn to open gifts she was sooo excited!  She dove into the tissue to find a new squeaky toy. I think her favorite new toy is her flirt pole. It has a squeaky squirrel on the end.

Bella was very interested in her boxes. She was also very nervous because grandpa was here and he was holding a camera.  But, she did well and laid and watched all the excitement. She rolled her eyes at Daisy’s exuberance (well, that is what I think I saw).  Once it was her turn she went right over to Grannie who was helping with the gifts. She likes smelling everything as it was opened.  Of course, Daisy wanted to help with Bella’s too.

Both of the girls love their new rhinestone collars and custom bandannas (with their names and everything!).  They both got food toys. Daisy loves hers and I’m helping Bella learn how to play with hers.  They ended their morning snacking on new bully sticks.

Santa came!!!

Pretty new collar!

This smells good!

Grannie! Open it faster! Hurry!

OMG!!!!! It squeaks! Get the paper off!!

Bella likes the squeaky too

Bully sticks for Christmas!

I think I'd rather shiver than wear this.

Raw Meaty Bones

So, I’m sure some readers might be sickened by the thought of today’s post…but hang in here!  I had decided to try and clean the girls’ teeth with some raw meaty bones. The action of gnawing and chewing is supposed to help clean their teeth. I’m pretty sure Bella had a dental with her spay this year but her breath stinks and I wanted to see if this could help. Plus, she already has tartar build up!

So, I got halved frozen pig feet.   They are super cheap which is great too!  I put Bella’s down in her food bowl to give her the idea it was food. I was worried if she’d chew because she can be so picky about eating things like trachea and bully sticks sometimes. Well, I did NOT have to worry about that girl!  She pulled it out of her bowl, onto the towel and ate like a champ!  She didn’t need any encouragement or direction.  She did not want me to take it away either! I let her eat half but took it away just to make sure it didn’t give her diarrhea.  It is the first treat or food she has ever showed enough interest in to try and snatch it from me! No growling or anything and I gave her some Zukes Salmon treats for giving up her foot.

Daisy was a whole different story. I put her out on the balcony because I knew she couldn’t lay in one place like on a towel.  I think she knew it was food but she looked confused. She licked it, and wagged her tail at me, she smelled it, then wagged her tail at me, then licked it a bit more.  She looked very happy…but kinda like “Oh! a  present! Yay!  Um, what do I do with it?”  After a little encouragement she laid down and went to town. She is actually a faster chewer than Bella.

Pool Day!

So this morning the girls and I woke up and just laid around being lazy. After bfast I gave Daisy her bully stick to chew on.  Bella spent her time looking out the window then as soon as Daisy got up to stretch, she went in and grabbed the bully stick and started chewing.  Daisy didn’t seem to mind though.

Then it was off for our meetup group at the pool.

One of the city’s around here allowed dogs to come play today. Your dogs had to be UTD with with the rabies vaccine and it was five bucks, which went to the SPCA.  The two legged people were not allowed in the pool.  It was set up very nice.  They had made a double gate, like you find in a dog park for the entrance/exit and had a gated grassy area for the dogs to use the bathroom.

So, we go in and get a lounge chair. I felt like a mom. I had to have their shot records, my purse, their towels, ball, leashes, ect.  I let them go and the first thing Daisy did was pee next to the pool.  Oh well, what do they expect?  Technically she was outside!  She later found the grassy area and put it to good use.

At first both of the girls were running around, meeting dogs and Daisy was checking out all the people. I kept catching her running up to the people on lounge chairs and getting in their faces to smell breath.  I did take them and make them get in the water. I think it’s called “dunking”.  Neither girl had any inclination to really swim but at least it cooled them off!

There were dogs form 3 pounds to 200 pounds.  They had swim noodles cut into 1 foot pieces for the dogs to fetch. Some dogs of course loved swimming out in the water. Some just liked getting their feet wet on the steps.  There were even a few taking jumps off the diving board!

In the beginning Bella was doing well, she was sticking close to me and following Daisy.  As the hour went on, she became more frantic.  She started darting away from movement, then I caught her trying to dart out the gate. They had people standing there so it wouldn’t happen but I could see it just wasn’t fun for her anymore. I tried putting her on her leash, but for her that just meant we were leaving so she wanted to pull me towards the gate. So we came home.

I think that hour did them in!  They have both been asleep for hours. Daisy hasn’t even gotten up to move around.

In an hour or so I’m going to head to the dog park to let them run around a bit.  Then tomorrow we have another meetup.

Mom, I'm wet!!

I don't like being wet!